Best oncologist in delhi

What does oncologist do?

Oncologist studies and treats cancer. During  the first appointment, oncologist will talk to you about the treatment options available. Further then the oncologist will recommend about when and what the treatments should take place.

What type of cancer specialist are available to treat cancer?

The field of oncology has 3 major specialists based on treatments: medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and surgical oncologist.

Best Medical Oncologist in Delhi

What does medical oncologist do?

Medical Oncologist is a doctor who treats cancer using adjuvant and palliative chemotherapy and other medications like targeted therapy or immunotherapy and hormonal therapy. Newer techniques available with medical oncologists are NGS precision medicine and immunotherapy. Medical oncologist  is the primary health care provider for a cancer patient who leads the development of the patient’s treatment. Medical oncologist works in conjunction with the other departments for best results.

medical oncologist is also the responsible head who continues with the follow-ups and checkups of the patients, post-treatment

What does surgical oncologist do?

Surgical oncologists treat cancers with surgical techniques. Newer surgical techniques are keyhole surgeries and robotic surgeries with reconstructions

What does radiation oncologists do?

Radiation oncologist treats cancers with help of radiation machines using high energy x rays. Newer radiation techniques are IGRT, IMRT and proton beam therapy.

What does hematologist-oncologist do?

Hematologist oncologists diagnose and treat blood cancers that include leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

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